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CartoDB is the name of an incredible stack of open source tools to make dynamic maps on the web.

CartoDB was developed by Vizzuality and they provide a CartoDB up and running that we can use for free (small maps).

To do these exercises, we will create a free account on CartoDB and use it to publish some maps on the web.


For this exercise we will use the hotel data created previously. You can download a copy from It contains about 50 features digitized from the Wuhan tourist map. It is shapefile, in WGS84 geographical coordinates.

A map on the web with two mouse clicks

Go to CartoDB and create a free account. After login, you will have no data.

To start online mapping, just drag the file onto the browser. The data is immediately imported.

Cartodb hotel table.png

Just click on Map view.

You first map shows.

Cartodb hotel first map.png

A map from an SQL query

We can use the SQL panel to create a map from a query.

SELECT * FROM hotel where wheelchair = 1

Cartodb hotel map from query.png